Top Blow Up Pools for Adults

Playing around in an inflatable water pool is one of the most exciting activities for kids, but the tendency to do so slowly diminishes as people grow up. Of course, this is because there are not many adults who would want to be found splashing around in a wonderful portable kiddie pool. However, this does not mean that you cannot dip your body in a pool and enjoy the nice coolness of the water on a hot summer. And fortunately for you, inflatable kiddie pools are not the only option – nowadays, you will find large blow up pools for adults, where you can have fun playing in the water with your kids, or just relax alone (or with other adults) and enjoy the coolness of the water in the summer. Below is a look at some of the top three inflatable pools for adults that you will find in the Amazon:

1. Intex 18ft X 48in Easy Set Pool Set

The Intex Easy Set Pool Set is a large, above-ground pool that is a great option for people looking to have fun in the water without having to pay thousands of dollars for installation of a conventional swimming pool. Just like the name suggests, this pool is very easy to set up, and it can be ready for use in less than 30 minutes. The inflatable pool is quite large, holding more than 5,000 gallons of water, making it very suitable for family use.


a) A high-performance water pump

For easy setup, the Intex Easy Set portable pool comes with an electric powered filter pump that pumps water at the rate of 1,500 gallons per hour. This makes it very easy for you to fill the pool with water and start enjoying it. To guarantee safety when using the pump, the pool set is equipped with a Ground Fault Interrupter, a safety feature that powers off the pump in the event that it is exposed to water.

b) A durable construction

This Intex Easy Set blow up pool for adults comes with a durable construction that features super-tough, laminated PVC walls designed to be resilient. This helps to ensure that the pool will serve you for a long time, even after continuous use.

c) Inflatable top ring

One of the best things about the Intex Easy Set pool is the portability it offers, meaning that you can set it up anywhere – be it in your backyard, front yard, or any other place you find suitable. For this purpose, the pool comes with an inflatable top ring and a flat bottom. To set up the pool, all you need to do is find a flat space and then inflate the top ring.

d) Dual suction water outlets

One of the things that concern most people when buying an inflatable pool is suction, which makes it hard to maintain clean and clear water. However, when buying the Intex Easy Set inflatable pool, you do not have to worry about this as the pool is designed to offer improved suction, thanks to the dual suction water outlets. The outlets are compatible with your garden hoses, thus allowing you to maintain a good water flow in the pool, which improves the water clarity and cleanliness. The outlets also come in handy when draining the pool after you are done using it.


If you are looking for a fun way to keep your family cool and entertained during the summer, the Intex Easy Set Pool Set is a great solution. The inflatable swimming pool is very easy to use, can be set up anywhere in your home, and is available at a very affordable price. In addition, it is very durable and can endure intense water play sessions with the whole family without the risk of breaking.

2. Intex 10ft X 30in Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set

The Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set is a large, above ground inflatable swimming pool, where both adults and kids can sit and cool down in the hot weather. The swimming pool is very easy to set up, coming with a flat bottom and an inflatable top ring that is very easy to use. Therefore, you can have this beautifully designed inflatable pool up in your backyard and ready for water in less than 10 minutes.


a) Tough laminated sidewalls

The Intex Ocean Reef Easy Set blow up pool is designed to accommodate both children and adults and has very strong sidewalls that are made 3 layers of laminated PVC. This makes the pool very strong, giving it the ability to resist wear and tear or damage even after long sessions of continuous use.

b) Convenient, dual suction outlets

The Intex Ocean Reef inflatable swimming pool comes with dual suction outlets that easily connect to a garden hose, allowing you to drain the water from the pool. This helps to maintain a good water circulation, giving you clean and clearer water. The dual suction outlets also help to drain the pool when you are done using it.

c) A high-performance filter pump

This blow up swimming pool for adults features an electric powered filter pump that fills the pool at a rate of 330 gallons per hour. This makes it easy to fill up the pool with water, and at the same time, maintain a steady flow when the dual suction outlets are in use.


If you are looking for a budget friendly blow up pool for adults to use in the summer, the Ocean Reef Easy Set Pool Set is a great option. It is one of the most affordable inflatable pools on the market, and despite its relatively low price, it features a strong and durable construction. The pool is also quite large, making it ideal for a family. This, added to the ease-of-use, gives you a great value for your money.

3. Intex 18ft X 10ft X 42in Oval Frame Pool Set

If you are looking for a more stylish, durable, but still affordable, the Intex Oval Frame Pool Set is one of your perfect choices. Coming in a stylish oval shape, this inflatable pool is a real beauty that will make your backyard more appealing in the summer. It also comes with the added bonus of increased durability, thanks to the steel frames that are used to support it.


a) Simple set up

The Oval Frame inflatable pool from Intex is designed to provide you with an easy time when setting up, thus ensuring that you can enjoy the water more. To set up, simply find a flat ground, inflate the top ring, and then snap on the side supports and you are good to go. In case you find the process overwhelming, you can use the instructional DVD that comes with the pool.

b) Strong, durable sidewalls

The Intex Oval Frame blow up pool for adults features PVC laminated sidewalls with three layers of material for added strength and durability. This model also features very strong steel frames that are used to provide additional support to the sidewalls, increasing the pool’s durability. The steel frames are powder coated, thus helping to prevent rusting, and at the same time, adding to the beauty of the pool.

c) Powerful, Clear Cartridge filter pump

The inflatable Oval Frame pool set is equipped with a Krystal Clear Cartridge filter pump that is powered by a 110-120V power outlet. The pump delivers 1,000 gallons of water per hour, making it very easy to fill the pool. When combined with the drain outlet, the pump also helps to maintain a great water circulation, thus ensuring that you get clean and clear water.

d) Pool accessories

The Oval Frame inflatable pool also comes with additional pool accessories such as a ladder to help with safe and easy entry and exit of the pool, a ground cloth to be placed beneath the pool, thus protecting the floor from damage, and a debris cover for when you do not want to drain the pool after you are done using it.


The Oval Frame blow up pool for adults is a premium inflatable pool that is designed for added durability. It is, therefore, the perfect solution if you are looking for something long lasting but still affordable. The pool is also very stylish, and it would make for a great additional to your backyard during the summer.


The hot weather of the summer can be quite tough on you, especially when you do not have a way of cooling yourself down. However, with one of the above blow up pools for adults, you have an easy and affordable way of relaxing and enjoy fresh cool water together with your family. Simply purchase one of these beauties and your summer will be a very fulfilling period.