Top 5 Inflatable Hot Tub Seats Short Review

Inflatable Hot Tub SeatsHot tubs are a perfect way to relax and unwind when you’re feeling stressed, or maybe just looking to chill and have fun. However, it can be quite a hassle when you don’t feel as comfortable sitting down inside the hot tub.

Thank goodness for inflatable hot tub seats that you can use for these occasions. If you have your own hot tub at your house, it’s highly recommended that you invest in these for your whole family—especially for those who aren’t so blessed when it comes to their height.

You don’t even have to worry about spending too much on these inflatable seats because you can easily get one for less than 50 bucks. For that affordable amount, what you get in return is comfort and convenience. And to help you even further, here are our top picks of inflatable hot tub seats and their pros and cons. Check them out and see which one would best suit your needs for your own pleasurable spa experience.

Life Spa & Hot Tub Essentials Spa-Hot Tub Booster Seat

If it’s your first time trying out an inflatable hot tub seat, then your best starting ground would be the cheapest and most affordable one—namely this Spa-Hot Tub Booster Seat from Life Spa & Hot Tub Essentials. It costs less than $15 and is perfect if what you’re looking for is just to try out and see how it feels.

This booster seat would be great for both kids and adults alike. It’s made of high quality heat-resistant material and also features suction cups at the bottom to prevent it from floating or moving when placed inside the hot tub with water. You can easily adjust its firmness with the amount of water you use to fill it up—and you can easily use a standard garden hose in filling it as well. Its full dimensions when completely filled is 15” x 13” x 4”.

While it’s a great starting point for hot tub seats, some users have reported that it still tends to float even with the suction cups. So if you’re looking for something that’s more durable and reliable, you might want to invest in something with a higher price tag.

M-SPA Inflatable Seat Cushion Set for Spa

What’s better than one inflatable hot tub seat? It’s two seats for the price of one—and that’s exactly what you’ll get with this Inflatable Seat Cushion Set from M-SPA. If you purchase this, you get 2 pieces of inflatable seats made from super soft PVC material and with the following dimensions: 18” x 15” x 4”.

This booster seat also features an internal coil structure to make it more durable when in use. Just simply fill it up with water and test out just how firm you want it to be. The great thing about this is you can share the other one with another person or use both seats for yourself. Some users report using one to sit down on and the other one as a sort of pillow for a complete relaxing experience while you’re in the tub.

This M-SPA seat is still considered to be more on the entry level side. One of its downsides is that it doesn’t have suction cups, which make it all the more hard for it to stay put when submerged in water and sat on. But if you’re just looking for an affordable seat that you can use whenever you feel like doing so, then this might be worth your money.

Intex PureSpa Inflatable Bench

Intex has long been known to be a game-changer when it comes to inflatable products—and their PureSpa Inflatable Bench is no different. However, do take note that what sets this apart from the rest of our top picks is that this one is meant to be sat on outside the tub (Intex Pure Spa 6-Person Inflatable Hot Tub) and not inside it.

Once you’ve gotten your hands on the Intex Pure Spa hot tub, this supporting bench becomes a necessity. It’s made with sturdy laminated material and you can easily attach and lock into place onto the inflatable hot tub. You can use to lounge and relax on by the hot tub. You can also use it as a stepping tool when entering and leaving the hot tub.

In comparison to our other inflatable hot tub seat options, you can only use this in conjunction with the Intex Pure Spa tub and nothing else. It is a bit more expensive than your usual inflatable seat but do consider its size and make. Just remember that if you don’t have the inflatable hot tub, then there’s no point in buying this. It’s not advisable to buy this if you don’t have the hot tub where you could attach it. But if you do, we highly recommend you take the leap on this one because you won’t regret it for sure.

Blue Wave Soft Comfort Spa Seat Cushion

If you’re looking for something a bit fancier and complex, then this Blue Wave Soft Comfort Spa Seat Cushion could be a great pick for you. It does cost just a tad bit pricier than our previous picks but it does have more refined features than the rest as well.

For starters, it’s made of soft and heat-resistant PVC material and also comes with an oversized inlet valve for easy water-filling with the use of a hose. It’s also designed in such a way that it can accommodate your bottom much more comfortable while you’re seated on the tub as well.

However, there have been users commenting on how hard it is to fill this with water using a hose or a faucet. If you’re looking to simply try it out for yourself, it still could well be worth your money just to see if this one would suit what you’re looking for.

Aura Booster Seat

This booster seat in blue by Aura is designed more similarly to the Blue Wave inflatable hot tub seat. It can be used both as a booster seat and as a back support in order for you to feel more comfortable seated and relaxed while submerged in the hot tub.

Do take note that this ranks among the pricier inflatable seats in comparison the others. However, it is made of durable and heavy-duty, as well as chemical-resistant vinyl. It also has a more ergonomic design that would make sitting down even for a long duration of time so comfortable.

Among its “cons” is the same problem that other users have with other inflatable hot tub seats, which is that it floats easily and doesn’t stay fully submerged even when filled completely with water. However, it does vary from one person to another and you could still try this one out to see if it would work well for you.