Step In With Style – The Handi-Step Spa Step by Confer Plastics

Handi-Step Spa Step by Confer PlasticsYou’ve got a sauna that’s begging to be used to soothe your aching muscles, relax you after a stressful week at the office, or to have a fun backyard getaway. But you’ve never really recovered from that near miss slip, that almost had you hurtling backward! Not having an efficient way in and out of the tub denies you that comfort you long for.

We live in a progressive world that constantly strives to improve safety standards in day-to-day life. And we’ve devised many creature comforts like the anti-slip mats in Jacuzzis or shower unit floors. We’ve extended that ingenuity and developed the Handi-Step Spa Step.

Ease and safety

The need for a spa step was conceived when people often complained about slippery water-splashed floors. Getting out of a hot tub when you’re soaking wet onto more wet landings isn’t pleasurable. It leads to clumsy balancing acts and graceless falls. In extreme cases, slipping and tumbling can even warrant you a trip to the emergency wing.

To save you all that trouble and keep your relaxed, this portable hot tub step helps get you in effortlessly, and is helpful in getting you out too!


While many tubs and spas come equipped with steps welded into the framework, they cannot be moved around as per your convenience. This is particularly cumbersome when your landscaping requires your tub to be re-oriented. There is also the risk of tripping over steps placed at awkward angles. This portable step is easy and light in weight. It requires no complex assembly. Kids can have fun helping you put the plastic pieces together! It can be carried outdoors when needed or stashed away in a small space till your next spa day.

Sturdiness and durability

The last thing you’d want, while climbing into a tub, is to have your foot go straight through the landing. Weather-worn or inferior quality steps can collapse underfoot leading to injuries. Older people may be apprehensive of climbing steps that are wobbly and flimsy. If you’d rather leave your steps near your tub than bring them in, these steps are designed to endure. They’re plenty sturdy and can carry a maximum load of 350 lbs. Built from strong and molded plastic, the steps are planted firmly on the ground and stay put while you rest your foot on each step.

Dimensions and specifications

– The steps are made from 100% molded plastic.
– They are 14 inches high, 24 inches deep and 32 inches wide.
– They weigh between 13 and 15 pounds (20 pounds with shipping).
– They can sustain a weight of 350 lbs.
– They come in grey and Redwood colors.
– They are made in the USA.

Pros and cons

Pros first!

– Steps are light since they’re made entirely out of plastic.

– Ergonomically designed with curved footrests to allow ease of climbing and sits flush against most tubs.

– Easily assembled due to molded plastic manufacturing. Virtually no hardware present.

– They’re durable, weatherproof and UV resistant.

– Can be easily cleaned with soap and water. No special chemical formulations needed.

Although the spa steps are ideal for most tubs and saunas, there are few limitations to be kept in mind:

– They have a tendency to float due to their fabrication material and thus, may not be used in pools and tubs.

– Owing to the material, these steps may need to be kept away from pets and animals, especially puppies still in the teething stages.

– Though the steps are wide, their dimensions are fixed and cannot be adjusted. The height and width may not be suitable for all kinds of applications.

Reviews, ratings and feedback

Customers have been very happy with what the spa steps have to offer. Many have provided glowing recommendations to their friends and family. The most appreciated quality of the steps are their durability. They’re often used by people weighing in between 190 lbs to 250 lbs to get in and out of the tubs without incident. Some customers have been using the steps for two or three years down the line without wear and tear.

Many customers are also pleased with the ease of assembly. They have been able to use the steps for both round and rectangular hot tubs. The most common question posed by consumers is pertaining to dimension. The offered dimensions seem to work well for nearly all purchasers.

Closing notes

Hot tubs and spas are made safe to get into with the Handi-Step Spa Step – one of the best portable hot tub steps. This is a useful little gadget that you won’t regret investing in. Light, easy to carry, durable and colorful, these steps will put your feet at ease as you step in for a relaxing soak.