Small Hot Tub For Balcony

Small Hot Tub For BalconyWhatever the weather outside, you can be sure that you can still enjoy chillin’ and dippin’ in your portable hot tub. As I love to hangout in our balcony, I have been wondering what could be the best small portable hot tub for my balcony, one that will fit in it, considering that my balcony has only a limited space. It would be really satisfying to relax in the balcony, almost submerged in chest-deep water, looking at the great view outside.

Like Sherlock Holmes, I went to check what could be the perfect small hot tub for balcony that I could buy. I was able to find small ones, and not so small ones. But, perhaps, these are some of the best ones that have the exact dimension that I was trying to find:

Coleman Lay Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub

This Coleman inflatable Lay-Z spa has an integrated filtration system and also with a rapid heating system that will let you heat the tub water in no time. Convenient, isn’t?

Know what you’d get by checking this video:

I’m sure you would like its nice features which include:

• Soothing bubble jets complemented by relaxing and stress-busting heated water

• Digital control panel which has an automatic start/stop timer-controlled heating system

• Accommodates up to 6 persons

• Fast and easy set-up using the spa’s pump

• Strong and sturdy walls using I-Beam construction

• TriTech 3 leatheroid which makes the hot tub’s exterior puncture resistant

• Air pad cushioned floor

• Relaxing automatic massage system

SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub

This one can hold up to 4 persons and has digital-control features which would be very easy to use. It has a Lay-Z massage system also. Very nice!

Wow! This video looks cool:

This portable spa system has these features:

• Needs no tools. Use the spa’s pump to set up and you’re good to go

• Water-filtration and rapid-heating systems

• Digital control panel

• Can seat up to 4 persons

• Automatic start/stop timer-controlled heating system

• Measures 71 inches by 26 inches when fully inflated and has a water capacity of 177 gallons

Intex Portable 6-Person Inflatable PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa

Intex Portable 6-Person Inflatable PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa

Although this portable hot tub can fit up to 6 persons, still this inflatable spa is one of the small hot tubs that could fit in your balcony. You can relax in this bubble spa together with your friends.

Ah, pure relaxation at its best:

This small yet high-quality hot tub, which would be great for your balcony, include:

• Built-in hard water treatment system which makes the hot spa water gentle on the skin as well as the entire spa.

• User-friendly interface which controls the hard-water treatment system, the spa circulation as well as the hot tub bubble jets

• Uses Fiber-Tech high-strength fibers, puncture-resistant 3-ply laminate PVC, and a beam construction for a sturdy build

• Includes a locking spa cover and insulated ground cloth.

• Features a simple maintenance system.

• You can easily replace filter cartridges and its floating chemical dispenser when needed

• Includes also a carry bag with grab handles

Adult SPA Inflatable Bath Tub by A&S Creavention

Adult SPA Inflatable Bath Tub by Creavention

One of the lightest hot tubs among the list (perfect for a very small balcony!), this one only weighs at 7.2 pounds when fully inflated – making this very easy for you to carry around, anytime, anywhere. This could be perfect for your balcony as well.

The product comes in different colors that you can choose from and features:

• Made from strong PVC material

• Light weight at 3.7 kilograms or 8.2 pounds

• 25 gallons of water capacity

• Can withstand water temperature up to 122*F or 50 *C

PureSpa Jet Massage Spa Set

Intex PureSpa Jet Massage Spa Set

From PureSpa, this product can be inflated in a short time of only 20 minutes. Then, this also can accommodate up to 4 people. Yes, you can enjoy using this with your friends.

Dipping on a hot tub in your balcony or garden, or wherever, is definitely fun. Look:

You’ll definitely love the features of this portable and small hot tub for balcony which include:

• An easy-to-use digital control panel which lets you activate, whenever you want, 4 high-powered jets

• Soothing massage system

• Effective bubble jet air heater system

• Easily inflatable and can be filled-up with water in a short span of 20 minutes

There are lots of portable hot tubs available that you can buy online, but I guarantee you that these are some of the smaller ones that could fit perfectly well in your balcony.

Now on the the therapeutic effects of soaking in your inflatable hot tub.

For hundreds of years, it has been known that bathing and soaking in hot springs bring numerous health benefits to the body. This practice is great for relaxation after a stressful day and in providing relief from muscles pains. Candido Jacuzzi, in the 1940s, developed a hydrotherapy treatment system to treat his son who was suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. This system has been further developed today and is now known as the predecessor of what we know now as the hot tub. Many health gurus and doctors prescribe soaking in a hot tub for short periods of time because it provides therapeutic benefits to the body and overall well-being of a person.

Some of these health benefits are:

Increased Blood Flow

If you have been suffering for a long time from joint and muscle pains, then soaking in a hot tub could give you the relief that you have looking for. Of course, we all know that hot tubs are quite expensive. There’s no need to worry because small portable hot tubs that could fit in your balcony or in any other limited spaces are already available. According to the American Heart Association (AHA), the warm water in a hot tub causes the body’s blood vessels to dilate which, consequently, causes the increase of blood flow to the different parts of the body. This brings much needed oxygen to the part of the body suffering from muscle or joint pain.

Stops Pain Caused by Arthritis

The joints in our body suffer wear and tear because of the weight or pressure exerted on them. If this continues, the onset of arthritis occurs which causes pain in these joints. Soaking in a hot tub eases the pressure on our joints because the hot tub water allows for the joints to move freely. The reason for this, according to studies on human kinetics, is that the body weight is significantly reduced by approximately 90% when the body is submerged in water because of buoyancy.

Refreshing Sleep

You might find this information surprising, but soaking in hot tub before going to bed can make the transition from light slumber into a much deeper sleep very easy which, in part, is caused by the hot water easing and relieving the tensions in the different parts of your body. This information is one of the health tips suggested by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) in the United States. The NSF further recommends that after soaking in your hot water spa, you should allow 60 to 90 minutes of resting time before retiring to bed.

Relief from Muscle Pain and Tightness

If you know some medical and first-aid professionals, you will notice that the first thing that they would recommend to ease muscle pain and sore is to apply a hot pack on them. This is because the radiant heat from the hot pack has a very soothing effect on these muscles. The warm water in a hot tub has this same effect. When warm water engulfs your body, it causes your muscles to loosen, therefore easing muscle tension. The hot tub water jets also act as a focused massager to the different aching parts of your body. All you have to do is identify the body’s aching areas and then point these warm water jets to these aching muscles.

The products above have information already on the sizes and basic dimensions that you would want to know, so making a decision as to what would you choose wouldn’t be easy. Just like me, I was able to find the smallest hot tub for my balcony – the perfect one. Click on the images or the links to know more about the products.

Enjoy chillin’ and dippin’!