SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Review

One of the best blow-up hot tubs there is

I know the market has developed many options and designs for an inflatable and portable hot tub. However, this model “Miami” manufactured by SaluSpa got my attention from the very beginning, and I am glad to know I was not wrong. Hot tubs are not used only by a select group of people anymore because it appeared on the market recently and attracted everyone as it did me.

I used to think of these tubs only for use for health-related issues, but my opinion has changed now. After enjoying SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub, my outlook about this kind of product will never be the same.

As soon as I touched it, I realized the materials were very resistant but light, at the same time, and that is why this hot tub is so easy to carry and move around. Its size made me doubt at first its weight; however, I was surprised at how comfortable it can be for four people to enjoy dipping in it at the same time. I didn’t need a huge space to install it, and I have already used it in two different places at home. I can transfer it from the garage to the garden in a few minutes. I can quickly change the location as the seasons change. The fact that I can take it wherever I want is one of the outstanding features for me.

Installing it is also very easy and quick. I did not need additional tools, and everything is explained very clearly in the user’s manual; besides, I was able to find incredible instructional videos on YouTube too, and it made it even easier for me to set up this inflatable hot tub. Just by following the instructions step by step, the portable hot tub gets set up; it’s some kind of magical!

Along with the product, the purchase also includes all important hot tub accessories:

• Pump
• Inflation hose
• Filter system
• Cover with safety clips
• Control panel
• Stopper caps
• User’s manual

Yes, all the necessary elements to make it function are included; even the pump, which is as important as the hot tub itself. This incredible pump has a double function. Firstly, you may use it to inflate the hot tub by just connecting it to the inflation hose, which is also included. After it is done, the inflation tube can be detached from the pump unit. The next step is to install the filter into the hot tub. When it is ready, you use a regular garden hose to start filling the hot tub with water. I only had to pay attention to fill it at the indicated levels.

Then you can connect the air outlet and water outlet of the pump to the ports of the hot tub, and this is where the exciting part begins. The pump has the digital control panel on it, and this panel is what makes the accessories of the hot tub work. With the control panel you can:

• Select the temperature of the water, so it starts to heat up according to your desired temperature.
• Choose the type of temperature, either by Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees.
• Start the Lazy System Massage by pushing just one button.
• Activate and control the filter system.
• Turn it off after you finish using it.

Being able to select different levels of temperature every time has been incredible because I am not always in the same mood. If I want to relax, I set the temperature of the water for the fun hot tub as high as I can, but if I want to have some fun with friends, I lower down the temperature. Sometimes my doctor recommends me to do some movements to relieve some pains, and different temperatures are better for some of those movements.

Among its functions, my favorite is the passive massage system. It is almost like heaven to me. You only push one button, and all the bubbles begin boiling up to offer excellent massages sessions. You will always feel like you are being massage in a trusty regular massage parlor. This passive system can work 30 minutes straight, and you can repeat the sessions as many times as you want. I never get tired of it. Pampering yourself is wonderful with this inflatable hot tub.

Despite all the fun and relaxation, it is inevitable to think about the maintenance. The filter system is a blessing and works incredibly well by helping to maintain the water clean and clear. It is convenient to use additional products to preserve the cleanliness of the hot tub. These products are very easy to find at very affordable prices. The provider also offers some of the products, so it is not necessary to get crazy trying to find the best products to buy with this hot tub. The company manufactured almost all of the hot tub products in black, so this makes it easy to clean the product’s exterior. The interior is complemented with soft colors, but if you maintain it well, it is not difficult to clean it when it is empty.

After I finish using it, I always put its cover up. The cover is included, and its material is also made of high-quality material. The safety tips include not allowing that child or pets get into the hot tub. Also, these help to maintain the water clean by not allowing any other undesired objects to fall into the water.

I am very lucky for being able to enjoy this beautiful hot tub. Despite helping me with some health issues in my some parts of my body, specifically in my muscles and neck, it has become an incredible source of entertainment at home. Everybody wants to enjoy it, and it has not been a problem to me because of its unique features that make it easy to install, easy to use and even easy to maintain and transport.

Having such an easy way to relax after my hardest days at work is priceless. And of course, children have made it their favorite toy for a long time. Sometimes we have to take turns and share schedule in using the product. This is why my ideas about hot tubs have changed now and for the better.

If you are trying to decide whether to buy a inflatable hot tub or not, I totally recommend you to give this SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub a try. You won’t regret it, I know. You may also count on technical support service that the manufacturer has provided. You will not get disappointed with them. The service is also included, with no additional charges, as part of your purchase.