My Portable Hot Tubs Buyer’s Guide for You

Hot tubs can make your free time more relaxing. After a hard day of work, you can unwind in your hot tub and let the heat of the water relax you as well as clean your skin. However, hot tubs are quite expensive and they can take up a large amount of space. As a solution to this, why not try portable hot tubs? In this “Portable Hot Tubs Buyer’s Guide” I will give you some suggestions to help you find the portable hot tub of your dreams.

Which Portable Hot Tub Dealer?

The first thing you should do is to find a good and reliable hot tub dealer (one with good reviews) who knows what they are talking about. Hot tubs are a big investment, both financially and physically, therefore finding someone who knows more than you about them can be a big bonus.

What Size of Hot Tub?

When shopping for your hot tub, it is a good idea to look at the size. The size does not only apply to the tub, but also as well to where you want to put it in your home – do you have enough space to safely get in and out of it? Portable hot tubs come in different sizes and can fit two to six people depending on how big it is. You also need to be aware of who will use the hot tub e.g. kids or short people – in this case it is a good idea to find a tub that has raised seating for them. Or one that is deep enough for tall people. The best way to test this is to actually get into the tub in the showroom and see if it suits everyone’s height comfortably. Remember also to take into account the thickness of the tub wall when considering how much space to allocate for it.

Materials and Insulation

You want a hot tub to last a long time and seeing how durable it is can help with how long it will be around with you. The materials that make the hot tub can add to its durability. Speaking of materials you should also see what type of materials it is made out of, for example, if it is of a thick vinyl material or something similar. The material make up can also determine the amount of insulation (amount of heat it can hold) the hot tub can offer. You want to find one that loses as little heat as possible. There can be different types of insulation such as full-foam insulation, which is said to decrease heat loss, as well as decrease the noise levels of the water jets motor.

Electricity Cost

Thick insulation can make a tub more energy efficient. However, a high running motor can use a lot of electricity. There are some options that you can think about that can help with the cost. Going “green” is one of these options because the hot tub uses less energy and you could save about 40% of your electricity bill. It is also said to be quieter. It’s your choice on what you would like to do. Also speak to the dealer about how energy efficient your hot tub is in terms of heating the water evenly.

How Many Jets make a good Hot Tub?

Hot tubs have jets which make the water turbulent which gives you a massage effect while you relax. Portable hot tubs are no different. Certain sized portable hot tubs have a certain amount of jets in them. A big one can have four jets which can make the turbulence of the water quite strong. It is a good idea to decide the strength of the turbulence you would like to experience. But don’t worry – jets come with multiple speeds so you can also change the turbulence depending on your mood. High performance pumps as well as a good motor are things you need to look into for the best tub. You can see how strong the motor is by looking at what number horsepower the hot tub offers.

Would I Like to Go Digital?

We live in an era where everything is digital. Digital features on hot tubs are expensive to fix – but you have the option of electing for a manual control instead. Find out while chatting with your dealer where the location of the digital controls are, if they are easy to get to yourself in the case of a problem, and how easy they are to fix and the sort of costs for a call out for a professional to do this for you.

Cleaning the Hot Tub

A portable hot tub is like any other appliance – it needs to be cleaned. Some hot tubs have filtration systems but you have to manually clean them regardless of this. It therefore makes sense to find one that is simple to clean. It is easier to keep a hot tub clean if it comes with a lid. This helps to keep out bugs and stop dogs or kids from falling in. Not all hot tubs come with lids so bear this in mind.

Certain chemicals are used for certain hot tubs and mixing and matching chemicals can damage them. You should ask your dealer or research what chemicals you need. You do not want to damage it because you were misinformed!

How Safe is the Hot Tub?

Your future portable hot tub should be very safe for everyone who will use it including kids (kids should be watched at all times while in any hot tub). Some hot tubs have no skid seats and floor and many (but not necessary all) hot tubs have a maximum heat capacity so that you do not burn yourself. Step stools (which could be sold separately) are a safe way to in and out of the tub for health & safety reasons. Safety also extends into the quality of the water. See if your future hot tub has a filtration system with deluxe skimmers to clean the water.

Design and Extra Features

There are different designs of hot tubs and some offer varied or fun features. Some may come with a waterfall while others may feature light show or a combination of a waterfall and a light show in one. Hot tubs can come with ladders, cup holders and a lot more. See what else your hot tub has to offer you.

At what price?

The price of a hot tub can influence your choice to buy it. Budget before you even start testing the hot tubs. Also, keep in mind what else is included in the price (such as a lid and the warranty) and what else you may still need to buy with the tub. You can also extend your warranty for an extra cost. Some expensive hot tubs may come with a year-long warranty while the cheaper ones may come with a 90 days warranty.

Hopefully this Portable Hot Tubs Buyer’s Guide has given you some insights on what to look for in an inflatable hot tub. Take your time in finding the hot tub that suits your space and budget. At the end of the day, you will have it for a long time and long be happy with it!