A Portable Hot Tub Booster Seat Is Always Perfect For Spa-Dipping During Cold Winter Days

Life Spa & Hot Tub Essentials Portable Hot Tub Booster SeatWinter months and all warm cozy things are a splendid combination. Be it a hot cup of coffee or chocolate, fluffy woolens, crackling fireplaces or relaxing spa or hot tub baths. It’s a relief to feel the heat trickling in to ease those sore and jammed up muscles to make them smile again.

Oh! Just the imagination of it makes me get up and go for an enjoyable dip in a spa. Then I wonder, wouldn’t it be nice to have a portable hot tub booster seat also for me to fully enjoy my time having a hot bath. I can imagine myself seating on it comfortably and feel the soothing warmth of chest-deep water. In anticipation of a future muscle-relaxing hot tub time, I started looking for one and lo and behold Life Spa & Hot Tub Essential’s booster seat caught my attention. Here’s what I found:


This booster seat is designed keeping in mind the seating comfort needed in a spa. Most hot tubs generally have hard surfaces that can sore up your bottom after a while; this defeats the very purpose of a spa which is to ease jammed up muscles. This booster seat has a comfortable and attractive design that helps you sit as long as you want and it also adjusts with your movement whenever you want to get the spa jets to hit the sore muscles you want soothe. The material used is heavy-duty and is heat-resistant as well. This is good!


Life’s Spa & Hot Tub Essentials’ portable hot tub booster seat is really easy to use. All you need is lots of water that can be pumped into the deflated seat to inflate it to the height that you want it to sit at. You can fill it up with a garden hose, water from the jets in the spa or even air by blowing into it with your mouth. It’s that easy to use. One hack to keep it to stay put underwater is to fill it up with marbles that you can get from nearby stores.


This booster seat comes with easy-to-use and heavy-rip suction cups that help you sit comfortably without the nuisance of adjusting your seating position every time you do little movements. This feature is especially useful if your kids, who are always moving, are enjoying a hot tub bath. While there has been a little bit of concern expressed about the suction not letting go off the acrylic shell of some hot tubs, in general, the suction in this particular booster seat can easily be taken off once this seat gets removed from its place.


This seat weighs 8.8 ounces and comes in a 8 x 6 x 2-inch size; quite handy to be taken anywhere. If you plan to surprise someone who loves dipping and relaxing in hot tubs, this seat comes with a 0.55-pound box with dimensions of 1.9 X 4.8 X 8.4 inches. Not too big, not too small, easy to carry and present to someone as a gift.


· Gives the perfect little extra lift needed to keep your head or hair, whatever favors you, off the water.
· The 4-inch raise in the cushion helps people of short stature or children enjoy a hot tub bath while sitting.
· Fills easily with water or marbles or air.
· Comes in handy size that makes storing it simple and convenient
· The cushion feels very comfortable and perfectly fits the body contours of the person sitting on it.


· The material can be prone to heavy wear and tear if the heat of the water always gets adjusted to high temperatures.
· The suction cups do not stick well with any rough-textured hot tub surfaces.

Customer reviews

There are polarized reviews of this product. Generally, that means the product could be either super fantastic or absolutely useless. A fair section of the customer reviews on this product hail the comfort it offers, its portability, the ease of use, and the usefulness of its features. While another set of customers feel that it’s not user-friendly, is over-priced, and heavy to carry around.


The portable booster seat can be bought on Amazon for a reasonable price of under $13. There are a few other online and offline stores that are selling this product for cheap prices as well. Be sure to pick one that is offering all the features you are looking for in a useful hot tub seat.

In conclusion, if you want a comfortable seat to enjoy your dipping in your spa while not missing the comfort of a soft and cushiony seat at an affordable price, then Life’s Spa & Hot Tub Essentials’ portable hot tub booster seat might be just the thing you are looking for.