Inflatable Pool Chair With Cup Holders – Product Review of Intex Floating Recliner Lounge Float

Relaxing in the swimming pool is a great way to spend your day, especially in the summer when the heat becomes too much. However, there are those days when you do not feel like spending all your time in the water, or when you want to take a break from the water and do something else, for example, tanning, reading a book, enjoying a drink, eating a snack, or just enjoying a good conversation with friends. It is during these times that swimming pool loungers come in handy, especially inflatable loungers that can float on the water. Therefore, if you have a swimming pool at your home or easy access to one, you should consider buying a good inflatable lounger. Among some of the best loungers on the market is the Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge.

About the Intex Floating Recliner Lounge Float

The Intex Floating Recliner is an inflatable, pool-floating, reclining armchair manufactured by the Company Intex. It is one of the most innovative inflatable loungers on the market, and it is designed with special features such as a chair-like design, backrest, armrests, and handles, thus providing you with the same level of comfort you would get when lounging in your armchair at home. The recliner is also equipped with two cup holders, one on each armrest. The inflatable pool chair with cup holders is available in different colors (white and blue and white, black and blue), allowing you to choose the color that pleases you most.

Stylish Features

1. Stylish, comfortable design

One of the most amazing features of the Intex reclining floating chair is its design. To start with, the pool chair comes with a stylish blue color with a combination of either white or black and blue finish. This makes it a great addition to your home as it helps to add to the aesthetic appeal of your swimming pool area.

The inflatable pool chair with cup holders also features a very comfortable design that provides you with the ultimate relaxation as you are floating in the pool. This design includes a chair-like shape that provides you with extra support for your back, a reclining shape for extra comfort, and armrests to support your arms. All these features give you a greater level of comfort, thus ensuring that you can spend as much time as possible floating on the lounger without getting tired.

2. Two cup holders

Another amazing feature of the floating pool lounger is the 2 cup holders that provide you with an ideal place to hold your drinks as you are floating on the water. They are strategically located on each armrest and within the reach of your arm, thus making it very easy to access your drinks without compromising your comfort. The cup holders are also relatively large, with each of them big enough to hold a tumbler or a water bottle. Therefore, when you fill your drinks, you can float out to the middle of the pool and spend a long period relaxing without having to go back inside the house for a refill.

3. Durable construction

The Intex floating inflatable pool chair also comes with a strong, durable design, which guarantees that the lounger will serve you for a long time. It is constructed using an 18-gauge vinyl material, which gives the lounger added stability and durability and makes it hard to develop leaks or holes. However, even if there is a tear or a leak, you need not be worried about it; it comes with an easy-to-use repair patch that you can use to seal the leaks, thus ensuring you continue to have a great time floating in the pool.

4. Heavy duty handles

The inflatable pool chair with cup holders also features two heavy-duty handles that are located on the inner side of each armrest. These handles are designed to give you extra comfort by providing you with something to hold on as you are floating on the water. The handles also come in handy when handling the reclining lounger, for example, when bringing it in and out of the water.

5. 2 air chambers

The Intex inflatable reclining pool lounger also features two air chambers – one for the chair-like recliner and the other one for the tube that makes up the armrests. The two air chambers are inflated or deflated separately, making it very easy for you to set up and dismantle the lounger. In addition, the combination of the two chambers into one complete pool lounger helps to provide extra comfort, as well as make it easy for it to float on the water.


1. The reclining chair design of the inflatable pool lounger provides you with extra comfort when using it.

2. The two cup holders are strategically located, making it easy for you to enjoy your drinks while floating on the water.

3. The floating recliner lounger is made of high quality, durable vinyl that makes it long lasting.

4. It also comes with two strong handles, which provide more comfort and make it easy for you to handle the lounger.

5. The lounger is very affordable and comes in a variety of stylish colors


1. The lounger does not come with an air pump, and thus you will have to buy your own to inflate it.

2. There have been some customer complaints about the loungers leaking.

Customer reviews

The Intex floating inflatable recliner lounger has received several reviews from customers who have purchased the product. Most of the customers have been satisfied with the service provided by the pool lounger, leading to very good customer ratings on online stores where it is sold. On Amazon, the lounger has a customer rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Some of the most praised features by customers who have given the lounger positive ratings include affordability, durability, ability to hold a large weight, great comfort, and stylish design.

However, even with all the positive reviews, there have been a few complaints from customers, with the most common problem being the tendency for the recliner to leak. Fortunately, it comes with a repair patch that you can use to seal the leaks.


If you want to enjoy a great time relaxing in a swimming pool during the summer, the Intex inflatable pool chair with cup holders is your perfect choice. Featuring a reclining chair shape, the inflatable pool lounger is designed to provide you with ultimate comfort, allowing you to enjoy numerous activities such as tanning, reading, enjoying drinks, or just talking with loved ones, all while you are floating on the water. The reclining lounger is also very affordable, and comes with lots of features that make worth every amount of money you spend.