Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool – A Review on the Inflatable Family Lounge Pool With Seats by Intex

Exciting lounging with this portable family pool

During the summer season, the heat can become too much for you and your family, especially the kids, when they do not have something to cool them down and keep them entertained. Since several families cannot afford to install and maintain a conventional swimming pool, most of them resort to using public pools, but the problem with these is that they can get too crowded sometimes, making it impossible for you to enjoy your time in the water. Fortunately, if you can spare some space on your backyard, you can be able to treat your family to a nice summer with the help of an inflatable pool. One of the best options for a family with kids is the Intex Swim Center Inflatable Family Lounge Pool.

About the Inflatable Family Lounge Pool

The Inflatable Family Lounge Pool from Intex Swim Center is an affordable swimming pool option for anyone with kids that are looking forward to splashing around in the summer. The pool is very easy to set up, meaning that you can have it running in just a few minutes. The size of the pool is also not too large, making it ideal if there is not much space in your backyard for lounging. Despite this, it is large enough to accommodate about two adults and several kids. The inflatable family lounge pool with seats also comes with a comfortable lounge where the parents (or adults in charge of the kids) can sit and watch the kids as they have fun in the water.


1. Built-in comfortable bench

One of the best features of this inflatable family pool is the built-in bench it comes with, where you and other adults can sit as you watch the children having fun. This makes for a great relaxation spot when you want your kids to do the water splashing while you watch them. The bench is also located next to a sidewall that features an added back and head support, thus allowing you to relax comfortably and enjoy yourself. As a bonus, the pool comes with two cup holders, each on one side of the bench. Therefore, you can sit in the pool watching the kids play, sip a cold drink, and even read a book if you want to, all while enjoying the coolness of the water in the hot weather.

2. Dual air chambers with combo valves

The inflatable family lounge pool with seats from Intex also comes with two air chambers, each equipped with a combo valve. This provides for a very easy setup, allowing you to inflate or deflate the pool in a matter of minutes. In addition, the inflation rings of the pool are compatible with almost any type of pump used on other models of inflatable pools. You can even use a small battery operated pump, and still, have your pool setup in less than ten minutes.

3. Easy to use drain plug

This inflatable family pool features an easy-to-use drainage plug that is located conveniently at the bottom of the pool just next to the built-in bench. The plug can be easily connected to a garden hose, allowing you to drain the water when you are done using the pool. This provides you with great portability, allowing you to setup the pool anywhere, use it and then dismantle it after you are done.

4. Strong, 13-gauge vinyl side walls

Despite being one of the most affordable pools on the market, the inflatable family pool features a strong, durable construction that is designed to serve you for a long time. The sidewalls of the pool are made using a resilient, 13-gauge vinyl material, which guarantees that they will be able to support anyone using the pool – adults or kids. As a bonus, the pool also comes with a repair patch, which you can use in the event that part of the wall tears.

5. Large water capacity

The inflatable family lounge pool with seats is designed with a small size to allow for easy set up in your backyard, especially if you are pressed for space. However, the design also allows for a large water capacity (169 gallons) mainly due to the ideal depth of the pool. This provides your kids with enough water to have fun. The depth of this pool is also ideal for small kids, as they can have fun playing in the water without the risk of falling over the walls.

6. Lightweight, stylish, and portable design

Due to the smaller size of this inflatable swimming pool compared to other models, it is one of the most lightweight designs available on the market, weighing just about 16 pounds. This makes the pool very portable, allowing you to use it anywhere – your backyard or even on vacation. In addition to the small-sized design, the pool also comes with a stylish, light blue color, making it a great addition to your backyard.


1. It is one of the most affordable inflatable pools on the market

2. The pool is large enough to hold a few adults and several kids. Also, you can set up the pool without inflating the bench, giving you extra space

3. It is very easy to inflate and deflate the pool

4. It is very light, making it extremely portable


1. The pool is not provided with an air or water pump

Customer reviews

This Intex Swim Center family lounge pool with built-in seats has received many customer reviews on various online stores where it is sold, and a good number of them are happy with the product. On Amazon, the pool has a customer rating of plus 3.8 stars out of 5 stars, with most customers praising it for its affordable price. However, some customers have complained about air and water leaks, but you can solve these problems with the provided repair patch.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly family inflatable swimming pool option for the summer season, the inflatable family lounge pool with seats is a great choice. The pool is one of the most affordable products on the market, thus ensuring that you can have fun without doing any damage to your wallet. It also comes with several convenient features such as a built-in seats, cup holders, and backrest, which gives you a great value for your money. Therefore, if you want to treat your family to a great summer, you should consider buying this portable pool.