5 Must-Have Portable Cool Hot Tub Accessories

Portable Hot Tub Spa HeadrestOwning a hot tub is definitely an uplifting experience. It not only helps you to relax and rejuvenate but also spend quality time with your partner or family. A few portable hot tub accessories may prove to increase the level of your experience in multiple ways. Look out for these cool hot tub accessories that are a must-have for a captivating experience every time.

#1 Removable headrest

Most hot tubs don’t come with a headrest which can be disappointing for those who want to spend a long time relaxing in the spa. Portable head rest are designed to fit any tub and provide a firm support to your neck. It is important if you have neck pain which does not let you spend considerable time in your hot tub. The headrest weighs down when filled with water and fits over the wall without any problem. You may fill it partially with air to adjust the firmness according to your preference.

#2 Hot tub booster seat

A booster seat helps in maintaining the ideal height while you relax in the spa. It is designed to be filled with water Inflatable Hot Tub Booster Seatusing a normal garden hose which makes its use convenient. Once filled properly it remains firm at the bottom of your hot tub to provide you additional comfort and elevate your experience. Due to the presence of numerous suction cups, it does not float or moves so that you may feel as it is a part of your initially-bought hot tub.

#3 Portable floating solar LED light

Although you don’t necessarily need one, a floating light can be relaxing during the night to fill your hot tub with the right amount of light. Most floatable lights are specifically designed to provide a soothing light for hours without any hassle. Besides, it has numerous other benefits. You may use it anywhere, anytime whether for landscaping or while you are camping. Easy to carry and waterproof, these LED lights will surely make your experience even better.

Hot Tub Led Light#4 Ladder pad

For larger hot tubs where you need a pool ladder to step in, a ladder pad becomes one of the most useful portable hot tub accessories to prevent it from the probable wear and tear. It is placed inside the tub to rest the ladder legs so that the tub does not get damaged when you use the ladder to step inside it. It increases the durability of the tub by providing you an increased protection.

#5 Portable spa seat

Portable Hot Tub Ladder StepRegardless of the size and height of your hot tub, a spa seat can be extremely useful in maintaining a comfortable seating position, especially for kids. Portable spa seats are adjustable with two different height options. The legs can be flipped out to adjust the height of the spa seat. Made up of dense plastic, these are not inflatable and are heavy enough to stay in their place without moving inside the tub.

Inflatable Hot Tub Cushion SeatIn addition to these cool hot tub portable accessories, you may also look for removable cup holder if you really like to have some beverage or water while you are inside the tub. It adds convenience and comfort to a fantastic hot tub experience. Also, buy pool adhesive to instantly repair any wear and tear for increasing the durability of the hot tub.