Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable and Portable Hot Tub Review

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot TubSturdy, high-tech, easy, and very comfortable to use. These are just some of the features that you get to experience and use when buying the Coleman Lay-Z Inflatable Hot Tub. You’ll get the information that you’ll need from this post – one of the best Coleman spa reviews out here. Tired from work or you’re just having a bad day from anything? You can either sleep or drink wine or watch TV to while away the stresses, or you can dip in your own portable hot tub. The latter could be the best option. What more could you ask for? Inflate your tub, fill with water, turn on the power, and then, (voila!) dip and chill. It’s all very convenient and automatic.

Cool features:

Relaxing heated water

Dipping in heated water calms and relaxes our muscles. After a tiring day, it would be very beneficial for your health to use this Coleman Lay Z portable hot tub. Warm water helps in dilating our body’s blood vessels which enables the heart to pump more blood to parts where this is needed the most. Heated water also brings about a soothing psychological feeling to the body.

Bubble jets

The bubble jets coming out of the hot tub complements with the relaxation process on the body. The little bubbles give effect to a tickling sensation whenever they come in contact with the skin which maximize the effect of soothing sensation on the body.

Digital control panel

Lay-Z Spa Digital Control PanelNo time to go to a regular spa? No problem. This inflatable tub features a Lay-Z-Massage System which lets you set the water temperature according to your liking and comfort. The automatic Start/Stop timer-controlled heating system allows you to continue your relaxation without hassle. You’ll feel that you are chilling and dipping in a spa right in your own home.

Superior strength and durability

In case you are throwing a mini pool party with your friends as guests, this product will surely add to the fun. This inflatable spa has a puncture-resistant exterior which is made from strong leatheroid allowing more than 3 of your friends to dip in your prized hot tub and continue the fun for hours. This strength and durability is made possible by the exterior’s Tri-Tech 3 ply reinforced material technology which features a combination of polyester mesh core and two layers of PVC which encase the core.

Cushioned air pad floor

This very important product feature, which sits under the spa, helps prevent heat loss which usually happens through the spa’s base. Low heat loss means low consumption of electricity. Aside from being economical, Coleman’s Lay-Z Spa’s cushioned floor adds to the comfort in the feet and backside while sitting by the hot tub’s interior sides.

Sturdy I-beam construction

Lay-Z Spa Sturdy I-Beam ConstructionOf course, relaxing and having fun in the tub, especially with friends, would result in the buckling or bending of the spa. However, this is not a problem. The spa’s walls are made using I-Beam construction which provides for the products sturdiness and added strength.

Coleman Lay-Z Spa Inflatable Hot Tub Specifications

The portable hot tub, when inflated and filled with water, can accommodate up to 6 adults. It has an inflated size of 77 inches by 28 inches (1.96 meters by 71 centimeters). The Rapid Heating System of the spa allows you to control the heat of the water up to 104 ‘F (40 ‘C). It is ETL approved and the filled weight (with water) is 1,225 kilograms or 2, 701 pounds.

Inflatable hot spa’s accessories

Enjoying this hot tub doesn’t just end with you dipping in it and while the time away. A buyer can also buy available accessories which go along, quite well with enjoying this product. You can buy a cup holder (can hold 2 cups), one made by Intex for example, a headrest to maximize your relaxation pleasure, or LED submersible light kit, to make your portable hut tub a sight to see when being used at nighttime.

Coleman Spa Reviews:

More customers gave “thumbs-up” of the product rather than negative reviews. They said that this hot tub is easy to use, comfortable to dip in, and provides a good value for the money spent.

Some of the positive spa reviews stated here said that the product surprisingly works well and offers great value for the money spent. It also takes a short time to set up the inflatable hot tub. One customer, who is very fond of the product, usually takes a dip in it during nighttime out in her garden for her to be able to look at the stars. It sure is an effective way of relieving stress and whiling the time away.

Although there are happy clients, some customers were not satisfied with the product saying that a number of the boxes which the product came in were already ripped open, tattered and clearly old. This might have been due to mishandling of the courier which sent the boxes to the buyers. Another customer complained of the portable hot tub not being able to inflate after many tries. Perhaps, the best way recourse, when one encounters this problem, is to call customer support in order to know the quick fix to the problem. After all, you’re buying a new product – it is supposed to work well.

Although some are negative reviews, most buyers did not complain about the product itself but the way the courier haphazardly handled the shipping which sometimes caused the product to be damaged or the packing to be torn and shredded. However, with all the negative comments, positive reviews on the product way outnumber the negative ones.