Cheap Inflatable Hot Tub – Finding The Right Portable Spa For You

Many people do not have either the luxury or the space to afford a big hot tub that they can relax in during the fall, winter. or spring seasons. The big and already installed hot tubs are found only in homes that are a bit more on the expensive and plush side and usually take up a lot of space since they are made of wooden or metal materials. However, you must not be bound to only having to hope that one day you can get to buy your own portable hot tub. The online market has many alternatives, inexpensive yet of high quality ones, that can fit in a box and can be placed in the hallway until the need to use it arises.

Considering having your own portable hot tub

Whether you are looking to unwind after a day of hard work, or you are looking for a new plaything to entertain your guest with during a party, a hot tub might just be the right choice. Researchers say that hot tubs help relieve pain, stress, stiffness, release pain in joints caused by arthritis and help take strain off of back muscles. Nowadays, many people have to engage in long office jobs that require countless hours of sitting. It is vital to arrange and incorporate relaxing rituals into everyday life to help the individual loosen up and relax.

Health benefits

Apart from taking strain off of tired muscles, hot tubs can also help improve circulation around the body. The hot water and bubbles that are made by the inflatable hot tub will have your body temperature rise, which in turn will help increase your blood flow. It is estimated that about 60 million Americans have been diagnosed with some kind of sleeping disorder, and research has proved that a nice, long, warm soak in a hot tub before bedtime can provide you with a more deep and calming sleep. Experts have also said that regular visits and sittings in your hot tub can improve the health of your lungs and heart. 

So what could be the cheap yet high-quality portable hot tub that you can buy right now?

Introducing the SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub:


The features of this cheap inflatable hot tub include an inflatable spa pump, a heat capacity of 104 ‘F, a digital control panel, a 254-gallon water capacity, a cushion air-padded flooring, a set-up and maintenance guide DVD, a leather appearance, a water filtration system and a rapid-heating function option. It can accommodate four to six adults and has a one-year long warranty concerning leaks.


This cheap inflatable hot tub will be able to host either a full family or a nice group of friends. The dimensions are about 28 x 77 x 77 inches and should fit anywhere from four to six people at once. Some people report, however, that even though the overall size is fitting for a family with two kids or a couple, fitting any more than that could depend on the height and weight of the individual.

Customer Reviews

There are various customer reviews, with both five-star and one-star ratings for this product. The one-star reviews are usually due to bad customer support and concern existing damaged goods upon the product’s arrival on the customer’s doorstep, a flawed pump, or the inability of the hot tub to achieve higher temperatures.

The five-star reviews, however, praise this cheap inflatable hot tub wholeheartedly and encourage other people to make the same purchase too. Many people are impressed by the quality of this seemingly cheap hot tub – they claim it is comfortable to sit in even if it doesn’t have an inflatable seat, but a padded and comfy flooring only. The inflatable arch that goes around the tub is not too rigid and provides for comfortable back support for everyone in the tub. It is easy to set-up and it shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to do so, providing you have taken your time to read the guide.

The hot tub is also armed with a spa pump, thanks to this inflating the tub is quick and effortless. The spa’s walls are made of a durable and sturdy material that makes sure they won’t cave in when you lean on it. Customers advise to carefully check how to take care of the hot tub before purchasing it, as some people end up buying this product without careful consideration as to its maintenance. The filters are expected to be changed at least weekly, if not daily. Overall cleaning should be scheduled too, so as to not clog up the inside machinery, which if clogged would render the hot tub useless.

Pros and Cons

Although the temperature is fine, some people report that the spas in their gyms have their hot tubs a few degrees warmer than this one. Even though this may frustrate some adults, it should be ideal for kids and should keep them from getting burned. When turning on the hot tub, it is advised to keep an eye on the heater if you are already pouring in hot water from the beginning. If the temperature is too hot for too long, the vinyl of the heater could end up melting. The buyers also experienced difficulty in achieving specific temperatures, saying that some degrees take even hours to reach. The overall reviews report the lifetime of this cheap inflatable hot tub usually is being between one and two years. This said, it can still be considered as a worthy investment for under $300.


Anyone looking for a good, reliable hot tub for the cold and stressful times will find a good companion with this cheap SaluSpa inflatable hot tub. Together with a quick and easy setting-up guide, comfortable padded flooring, big space and satisfying heated water warmth, this product would surely please anyone who decides to buy this portable spa. Even though there is a risk of receiving already damaged goods, like with any product purchased online, this misfortune can be avoided when caution and stringent checking is applied. The hot tub can also be bought at a discount during Black Friday, Christmas, and New Year inventory sales.


This could definitely be a good purchase if you are feeling like relaxing or spending some quality time with friends and family while enjoying a warm soak. With this hot-tub, the fall, winter and spring seasons will become way more enjoyable knowing you can jump into the warm water of the hot spa anytime. And who doesn’t want a good, long, relaxing soak after spending a day at work outside in the cold?