The Best Inflatable Pool With Slide – Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Infatable Slide Bouncer

One of the intimate atmospheres for kids to play in is a water park. Water parks are amazing as they provide adequate training for kids to prepare for water sports. Every water park comes with different enjoyment levels. Water parks also come with various features as well as prices. For the sake of the children’s happiness, parents do anything. Therefore, getting them the best toys to play with is the least that they can do. A water park is among the most sought-after toys for kids because it keeps children happy and interested to play on. For this reason, numerous parents have been busy looking for the best water parks, inflatable ones, on the market today. With this high demand, there are lots of portable water park brands emerging every single day to meet the supply for this kind of product. This is exactly the reason why you should be careful when purchasing one because you need to buy the best. However, the search process can be overwhelming because you need to invest all your time and effort in the search and the brands are too many on the market.

When selecting the right one for your child, you need to consider what it is that makes the water park unique. What is it that makes it exceptional and the right one for your kid. It should never jeopardize the happy moments of your children. Therefore, with the help of the inflatable pool with slide review below, you will be able to realize the essentials of a great water park. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Slide Bouncer is an amazing water park for your children. It is durable and hence, it will serve your children for a prolonged period of time. It is outstanding due to its beneficial features, unlike other water parks. To assist you with your decision-making process, the following review will be of great help.


The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Slide Bouncer has been solidly-built and it measures 144 x 144 x 101 inches. This means that it is big enough to accommodate 4 children. It weighs 47 pounds and this weight is the same as its shipping weight. This item is mainly shipped within the United States of America. However, it can also be shipped in selected countries outside the United States. B00AU0O8B2 is its ASIN and its model number is 628344C in Amazon. According to the manufacturer, the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Slide Bouncer should be used by children between the age of 5 and 10 years.


Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Slide Bouncer is designed for children to climb the wall at the center, up to the top of this huge house of water slide bounce. After getting to the top, they race down the pair of slides into the splash pool at the lower part. The Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Race Inflatable Bouncer is colorful, well designed and highly durable. It is a toy that your kids and their friends will enjoy one summer after another. It is safe enough for your children to play on and it poses zero threats to the playing children.

The following are the features that it come with.

Deluxe slides

This outdoor toy for your children features a pair of slides. On the slides, there are spray hoods which ensure that the sliding surfaces are slippery enough for your children to slide effortlessly from the top. They do this by spraying water on the slides and this reduces friction as the children play preventing events of a tear during the time of play. It also ensures that your children enjoy thoroughly when playing outside.

Splash pool

This is the lower part of this inflatable water park. It contains water in it where children end up after using the slides. The pool retains the water which creates more fun for the playing children. The splash pool is what makes the toy fun during summer as it cools your children’s body. It has the same effect as the swimming pool. However, with the splash pool, unlike the swimming pool, children cannot drown since the water is not deep. Rarely can a child get hurt while in this pool. Therefore, your child’s safety is prioritized and so you should not worry at all when buying Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Slide Bouncer for them.


This bouncer toy has stakes that are delivered with the package after making the order. The accessories include a storage bag, a repair kit and a heavy duty blower with GFCI plug among others. Some of these accessories are meant to assist in holding the bouncer firmly in place when inflated. This implies that you will not worry about extra expenses on required accessories hence, saving you some money that you could use for something else.


After buying the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Slide Bouncer, you get a 3-month limited warranty right from the day you buy the product. Additionally, you get a 1-year limited warranty from the day you purchase the blower. Therefore, the warranty assures you of the quality of this product. You are not going to suffer any financial loss in case there is any damage within the quoted days after purchase. The maximum number of children that can be accommodated by this water park at once is four. These four kids, who will be on the toy simultaneously, should not exceed the weight of 350lbs altogether. It is critical to follow this carefully in order to enhance the durability of the toy.

This toy has been designed in such a way that parents can clearly see their children playing. The toy features a raised island at the top where the children rest before sliding down again. Ensure that before letting your kids on it, the toy has been anchored firmly in place. It’s one of the best toys that you can get your children today. It is highly affordable as it has a pocket-friendly price tag on it.


• It is simple to set up

• Blower and stakes are not extra expenses

• It is durable

• It conserves a lot of water, therefore, your water bill will not be exaggerated


• This toy takes a lot of time before drying completely. You must ensure that the toy is completely dry prior to storing it. It must be fully dry in order to prevent mold growth.

• The disassembling process is a bit complex. This is because you need to completely deflate the system as well as drain out all water, then plug the unit back in order to sun-dry it. While drying under the sun, it needs to be fully blown. This, therefore, takes you a precious amount of time.

• In order to dry the unit, you require a completely different space from where children were playing. This is because it soaks the grass surrounding it and under it. Failure to move it to another area while drying means that the upper part of the toy will dry but the bottom will remain wet. This can encourage the growth of molds which can affect the health of your children. Therefore, the children need to use it on a side of the yard in order to move it to the other side of the yard to dry.

Great customer reviews

Fantastic dry/wet home inflatable

This is an ideal unit for the summer as it offers the children wet and dry play. It is a wet and dry play in the following manner.

Wet – you connect the hose and prepare your children to have fun. Water sprays down on the pair of sides and it also fills a bucket found at the top of the rock wall. This water pours to unsuspecting climbers making the children happy, maintaining the fun. The slides are wet where children have fun sliding down into the pool. Your kids will definitely enjoy it as well as other children from the neighborhood. It can handle even 6 children simultaneously. Its airflow is even and this makes it bouncy and inflated all the time.

Dry – this inflatable pool with slide functions really well when dry. Children have great fun on it by climbing the wall. They enjoy as much as when it is wet.

It is durable

Kids really love the Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Slide Bouncer because it features a pair of slides. This implies that multiple kids can slide down from the top at the same time. The climbing wall has straps and footholds to support children when climbing. In contact with the ground is a wading pool that is sizeable and safe. This is where children slide and splash into. You can use it for a long time without noticing the slightest signs of wear and tear. It is highly durable hence serving your children for a prolonged period of time.

Children adore this toy

Children spend countless hours on this bouncer. It is just awesome. It can accommodate 4 children, who are at most 10 years of age. You might think that this toy is great, but when it is delivered, you realize that it is more than great. It is a perfect system for your children and its size is amazing. It takes about 2-3 hours for the toy to dry completely with the blower on. For super easy packing, you can allow it to stay outside for 4 days after it is dry. This way, you can disassemble it effortlessly all by yourself. It is also recommendable that you buy a tarp, which you can place at the bottom before setting it up. This tarp protects your toy as your children play on it. it is definitely a great purchase.

You will absolutely love the purchase

You will love this toy twice as much as your children. It can actually be of great help even to children who are suffering from various demoralizing health conditions. Just by watching others play on it, it gives sick children the will to get better in order to accompany the rest. With time, they try to do as great as other kids when playing on the toy. They actually do not realize it by the time they participate and perform as amazing as other children. This gives them back confidence and motivation when they successfully get to the top and back down through the slides. These weak children realize that they are actually stronger than they ever thought. If your child who is weak from conditions like leukemia, give them the joy to realize they are strong. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Slide Bouncer is really a safe bouncy water slide.

Periods of fun for all children

Maybe you have never written a review on products before. However, Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Slide Bouncer might make you want to write one. This is because after seeing your children play on it, you might need to let others know and realize how great and fabulous this toy is. It takes about 5 minutes to unroll it from the box and 15 more minutes to assemble it and make it ready for the kids. It is a great purchase for anyone searching for a great toy for their children.


It is the easiest toy to assemble. Your children will love it.

Great purchase

This is the greatest purchase you will ever make for your children. You will all love it.


This will be a hit for everybody in your family. It keeps children interested by maintaining the fun. It is absolutely a breeze to set it up. It is also effortless and surprisingly easy to pack it after it is completely dry.

Tons of fun

Your children will surely love their new toy. It is really strong and long serving. The process of packing it away is cumbersome though.


Little Tikes Rocky Mountain Inflatable Bouncer is an inflatable pool with slide. It will perform beyond your expectations because it really keeps children interested. With the above information, you can now easily make a decision on what your children need for a toy. It’s one of the best water parks that your children can have. It is available on the market at a pocket-friendly price. This is the one thing that you wish you had when you were growing up. Do not deny your kids the pleasure of having it now that they have the time.